Sunday, September 16, 2007


just finished watching my feveret tv series. csi back to back on channel 17 astro. this one thing that i'm really good at. lazying myself in front of the box just watching one channel after another. it just happens that in the middle of the plot, one guy said.. "when one door closed, another one opens". how true is that

a couple of days ago, i got a call which really surprises me. it was regarding my application for postgraduate studies. it was my second attempt after a frustrating denial with UiTM. the reason being i was rejected, the faculty just don't take an ex student from another faculty. how bullshit was that. that was then. let's just forget about it. their U aren't that great isn't it. he eh he eh

back to the call. the lady ask me to drop by her office which is at UKM to take the offer letter. i was really delighted with the news. gawd knows how frustrating i were, while waiting for the results. at some point i thought of giving up. which i did. but now i have all the reason in the world to be happy. but not for long. since i need to figure out where i can source the money for my studies. i just forked out a good 3k for merely 50% of the 1st semester's fees. now where would i fork the rest of 4k huh? headache. that was just for the 1st semester. the total was a whopping 18.8k for a trimester. might settle for a part time gigolo i guess. lol

starting this month, i need to ikat perut. so many bills to pay. the cars need a fix in a few days. the road tax and insurance will expires next month. farkkk. this is why i hate being a working adult. life as a student was more carefree back then. i wonder how mr capang is doing in Liverpool. g'day mate. hope u're having fun there if u happens to read this ;)

my classes will start next weekend. it's an executive intake. so the classes are schedule on weekend only. 2-6 on sat while 8-6 on sun. sure die one. lol. how i wish i was a full time postgraduate student in Ireland. i could bonk an irish then. ha ha ha

well mate, cheers for me. hope i will make it this time around. i want to score a decent cgpa :) a dean list for trimester would be the best.

keyboard off ~kaput~

Friday, September 7, 2007

where the heart is

this is one post which i've been holding back way too long. u guess. me love. yes. quiet easy isn't it. the scenario is.. i'm 25. but sadly, still single. no, i don't have any problem with that.ha ha.self denial. the problem is, my surroundings. imagine urself as the eldest son in the family. then again, the eldest grandson. two of my elder sister is married which makes me the most eligible bachelor's. the most disheartening moment is whenever a family gathering is held, the one question which will popup from each and every single mouth of my aunties is..kamu bila lagi? damn. and every time i will answer with a crooked smile without fail. ha ha ha

one thing which makes me wonder. i tried to be honest most of the time saying.. btol la makciks, belom ada calon. makciks tolong la carikan.. but my aunties wouldn't believe me. they always replies sumthing like this.. jangan tipu lah, muka macam kamu ni takdak calon. entah-entah dah keliling pinggang, tu yg susah nak pilih. huh, how i wish that was soo true. and i will burst into laughter. and quickly change the topic

but now i just realize how empty my heart was. i need a girlfriend. a Love. pronto

i'm now on a quest of soul searching for the other half of me, as they say, Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit

Thursday, September 6, 2007

thou shalt not

ever heard a saying which reads one thing led to another. either good or bad. but in my case, it's the latter. all it takes was one bad judgments. greed & lust. a very bad combination. and the rest as they say, is history

merely a year ago. i was a different person. a good one. but now, i really dunno what i've become. i have no one else to blame but me. but the worst part is, i don't felt guilty doing many kinds of wrongdoings. no regret. not once

i really wish i could turn back time. and be the good 'ol me once again

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


i write what i want, when i want. d'oh

here i am after a long hiatus. too many stories which i want to share with any unfortunate reader visiting this blogs. what the hell. both my fingers & mind are currently too rustic to write. blame it on more than a year not reading any academics stuff nor fiction novels.

and my mind failed me again. indeed! let's try it in malay pulak lah.

gagal juga.

anyway, i'll try to make this a 1st step to the wonderful world of blogging. again! best of luck to meself ;)