Tuesday, January 8, 2008

aku ingin hujan

when the going gets tough, the tough get going...

sibuk dengan kerja.

pening dengan assignment.

risau dengan incoming final exam (19,20,26 Jan).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

dua ribu lapan

oraitt, it's time to give an update to the sawangness of this blog. thank you & sorry for everybody who visited my blog. i know.. gila lama tak ada update. this a good way to kick off the new year, a new post indeed

2007.. goodbye. this is the year that really had its toll on my life. both good and bad. i can't changed whatever had happens but i can and will improvise for the better

i spend my new year on bed because i was just way too tired from the futsal try out few hours prior to midnight. it's the selection for representing my company. last time i had a futsal session was few months ago. lupa dah. so it was a blast. seronok gila la dapat tendang bola. i don't give a damn about the idea of going to see countdown fireworks. finish futsal around 11.30 pm. jalan was jam packed with people on the way back. so once sampai rumah just realized i had a few cut and bruises. tak perasa coz of adrenalin rush masa main. i was super painful masa shower. done and straight to bed. i had my new year celebration in my dreams. haha

let see what would be in my wishlist this year..

1. new job with BIG salary
2. A's for my final papers
3. someone for my ruang rindu
4. tba

i will be another year older this year. 26th. i hope i will be wiser in every steps i'll be taking this year. pray hard for that one