Thursday, April 3, 2008


to be able to write an interesting blog, ones have to read one. the problem is.. i don't read other's blog that much nowadays. i used to do that some time agooo. i'm ancient. hahaha. those days i could read & read & read one after another, back and forth. maybe because life was much easier then, student lah katakan.. and being green headed doesn't help much either. i've nothing much to do other than going to class, makan, tido, chatting, flirting. rindu nye saat itu!

a little update won't do much harm after all. kan?

work stuff. it's been the 4th month now. if previously i have no idea what-the-hell i'm doing there. now i do. pretty much la kot. rupanya the company hired me to do one thing. one specific thing only. which was ditinggalkan dalam kegagalan oleh orang lama. that is to run the company's TPM. it's not an easy task to do. but i'll try my best. but the problem is.. i hate the place, the salary BUT i love the role of that job. it's like a manager's point of view. i'm at the highest ranking of the team with a few engineers and supervisors to help me run the program. and i have all the shopfloor for that purpose. HOW lah like that? we'll see in a month..maybe two. if i fail, i'll quit. if it's the other way around. i'll stay. probably until i finished my master's. that would be until March 2009.

cakap pasal master study, a lil update on that also. now it's almost the 3rd week of the second semester. having good marks for the 1st semester really helps boosting the motivation in me. am still elected to run the team as penghulu. being a penghulu really helps u to be at least known to some lecturers. i hope it will help with the grades also. huhu. now the director knows who i am since i've been emailing him regarding some issues with the program. a lil bit cerita on my subject for this semester. ergonomics. psychology I/O. occupational health management. environment & industrial law. pretty much a tough subject to study. all the text books are around 4 inch thick. banyak nak baca wehh! but being an engineering background student makes all the subjects really interesting. now i got to see from the management/HR point of view instead of technical's ppl p.o.v. really interesting. and fyi, i sit at the front. yes, at the very front of the class. in front of the lecturer's table. something that i would not do & laugh at when i was doing my degree then. i'm amazed by myself. hahaha. how much i have changed. well at least for the better. kan? i'm also tgh berkira-kira on what topic should i study for my master's research papers. although it's a management paper, susahnya masih ada. all the literature review, methodology, objective, etc is there. i'll have to go some jurnals/papers for that purpose. i've yet to see my supervisor. the dean has alloted a supervisor for each of us. bagus jugak,since i pon tak kenal who's who? i have few ideas for the paper. one is about tunnel fires. the other is ergonomics;thermal stress. and to study ppl's perception towards occupational safety&health. i've to present 'em all and discuss with my supervisor.

alamak..dah panjang sangat pulak. cukup lah dulu untuk entry nih!