Saturday, October 27, 2007

one bitten twice shy

would u buy a tyre for rm295. and make that two..

i just did!

just watched a korean movie aired on 8TV's titled 'a millionaire's first love'. it was good. and i weep there and then. feels good tough. tapi tak boleh la selalu. nanti jadi pondan!

sorry guys. no entry for raya. nothing much interesting to jot here. pretty much the same with my life. anxiously waiting for third of december to start my new career at Miyazu. submitted my resignation letter on last friday.

feels like going for a vacation. but where should i go? nowadays, malaysian can say space's the limit ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

this one don't have a title

raya is just around the corner. this is the first time ever.. i mean EVER i had not indulge myself into any kind of shopping for the purpose of raya. i don't have any money left to spend. altough i have a few k's in the account i really had to restrain myself to use for shopping and what's not. few days back i just forked nearly a K for the renewal of rod tax & insurance for my lovely car. my tyres dah botak also, that needs money. i have yet to pay for the car installment. owh, not forgetting my life insurance premium. and the credit cards. and yes, the study fees. ohhh, with huge paychecks comes huge bills to pay. i wish life was more carefree..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

kelabu asap

greeting fellow bloggers. this is one hell-of-entry yg for sure akan merapu. so please fasten ur seatbelt and drive safely. **wtf** haha

ok,let's begin with my master's degree punya cerita. so,one fine day someday in sept there i was in UKM campus KL branch nak pegi register la. i dressed up gila mcm nak pegi club pon ader. the mindset was like when i registered 7 yrs ago for my bachelor's degree program. the reality..woaaah everybody else came with their suka hati attire. so the least i can do was to loose the tie. no wonder there aint any dress code stated in the offer latter. i think tis is the way an executive aka part time master's program was all about. since most of the students are either a senior exec or a manager. seriously guys, on that day most of them are like ur father mother. at least i guess was 35 n above. and mind u, no hot chix. none existence. nada. yillek. tak ble blah

when the director addressed his speech. time tu la i baru tau yg UKM was built solely on people's money,blood,tears. with none what so ever any help from the then government. dlm hatiku i was so farking proud man. tp as you know..over the years. the spirit dah x mcm dulu la. officially ukm now is a fully government of Boleh Land's property. hahaha

a week after that. there i was in ukm bangi ready for my 1st this time mindset dah tukar,dressed accordingly. tgk kitab undang2 ukm. ok jeans,collar tee,sneakers je. whatdauknow, yg lain pon mcm tu. ha ha. the class consist of 27 with 3 girls and the rest u know lah. most are senior exec, even manager pon ade, only a few la yg fresh mcm aku. and the best part, most are in BIG companies. petronas carigali, alstom powers, u name it. tak hairan la since the course was relating to occupational health and safety. in my mind, cantek la ni. kabel optik terbesar la in future. the best part of that day.. was the speech from the programme's director

this prof mmg sgt masyur la dlm bidang safety. prof dr ismail bahari. i think anyone whose work are inline with OSH will surely know him. the speech.. bla,bla,bla. tp the best part yg catched my ears was. he said "u guys are the selected few. out of so many applications which we had to tapis 3 kali" and "please,i like to remind all of u. u're not here to be trained as a safety officer. u can do that at niosh will rm 5k. u're here to be trained as a safety managers. keep that in mind. and make sure u all complete the programme in 3 semester. tak boleh lebih" sort of la. mana nak ingat details kan. another boiling point is. passing mark was B. any below than that. i need to re-sit the paper. gila beb. mcm ni sure dean list!

last week sudah complete 2 minggu kuliah. a big sacrifice to my weekend's life. but nothing to compare with a few of my classmate. ade yg penang, kerteh, skudai. lagi gila. tinggal anak bini. kos perjalanan since they're are driving. tak kesah la kot since aku survey in general their salary are like rm4k minimum. aku je yg kecik. the tak best part being in a senior class ialah aku kena jadi ketua class lah. since alasan aku kurang komitmen la, itula, inila. fine,i accepted w/pun berat tu

ni lain entry. malas nak buka new topic

while i was driving this afternoon. got a call from a complete strangers. a girl. she said she salah share credit with me. i said lemme check 1st. will call later. checked. mmg takde sapa pon share credit. dah le rm5 je. dlm ati kata ni ape la miskin sgt. 5 ringgit pon berkira. text her to give me the share instruction, aku mana la reti. x penah share. biase gi kedai je beli topup. aku tau minah ni tipu. ingat aku tak tau ke. takpe la. share juga la rm5 free kat dia. aku kena cas 5 posen siot. haha. dlm minda ku yg jahat.. haa..siap la kau pompuan. jadi stok mengonek la ni >;D

lepas tu text3. nk knal la juga sapa kan. bukan free rm5 tu. ha ha. said she's 22. keje pd. asal somewherelse. pastu aku malas la nak layan. then mlm dia text. aku layan kan je la. minta ym,frenster,myspace. sombong, x kasi. minta aku punya, i said ok.nanti add. tutup cerita

rentetan to that text. aku end up kat myspace. gila berkurun aku tak buka. well, i've heard bout the panas thingy psl myspace. but now baru perasan. compared to frenster. ppl are more tutup. but kat myspace ni, dah mcm trend pulak. post gambar sexiness pastu suruh org komen. kena romen baru tau!

i'm not a good samaritan to say this trend is bad. i admit, the girls are hawwtt. but fikir dengan akal yg waras. we are the future leaders of Boleh Land. kalau mcm ni mmg akan bungkus la. well,mmg ade minoriti yg "baik" but the majority stands out more. i wonder how 100th merdeka celebration will be. my 2 cents. no pun intended

ps - really. time flies faster this time around. 10 days to raya already. i want to post a raya song, soon ;)